Audio news

It’s been way too long since my previous update, but I can start off with some great news! Work has started on the audio part of the game, and I’m really happy to announce that Paul Bierhaus, who has also done the audio design of Cunini will be writing the soundtrack for Furry Shots! I always enjoy working with Paul and I can’t wait to hear the result. It ‘ll be quite a challenge to build gameplay adaptive music with gameplay that is still… let’s say very ‘rough’ 😉

However: the gameplay bit is progressing quite well too. I’v been busy adding a few extra elements and did some tweaking to the ground generation. The terrain is now slightly less hilly, which allows for greater shot distances.

More news will follow shortly, with maybe some new screens.

Continuing work after holidays

After a short recess during the holidays, I’ve continued work on Furry Shots. But… what is Furry Shots? As promised, some more about the project!

Want to shoot a living furry ball out of a living canon, onto a procedurally generated course  that contains boosts and obstacles? Then you’re definitely going to like Furry Shots, as it is exactly that. On top of that, many elements of the game were hand made and photographed, to create a unique style.

The game will most likely contain two game modes: The ‘Daily course’ mode lets you play on a course that changes every day, but is the same for everyone around the world. This mode also has a shared daily leaderboard that lets you compete with friends or with the entire rest of the world. ‘Random course’ mode lets you play on a randomly generated course that is unique to you alone. This offers a great variety of courses but (at least for now) the course will only keep track of your personal best score.

Furry Shots is currently being made for iOS only. I’m planning it for late 2017, but this could be subject to change as development is not that far along yet. That’s it for now, hope you like it.

A fresh start

Since the release of Cunini way back in 2012, it has been really quiet on Actually, even before and during the release of Cunini, it was kind of quiet. You see, the common indie developer is not much of a social being. He likes to develop games. Not so much to blog, tweet and post status updates about what he’s doing. And I’m no better.

That is… hopefully… until today. I’ve given the site an overhaul (read: moved it to WordPress and selected a theme 😉) and decided to better my life when it comes to the site and the social part of it all.

And not without reason: a brand new game is in development! It will not see the light of day yet for a while, I estimate release sometime in 2017 to stay on the safe side. However, it is safe to say that development has progressed quite far.

More will be revealed soon, for now I’ll just give you a title: ‘Furry Shots’

I’ll get back to you soon!